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I have been spending quite a significant amount of my time learning to code. 

The main focus of my code has been towards building:

• Kontakt Instruments

• Learning C++ alongside the Juce Framework for the creation of Plugins for music making.

• Python - making apps focused on helping with Productivity and Project Tracking.

There are so many tools in my head that don't exist that need to exist.

The musical world needs a new Sampler Plugin.

I don't even care if it is not me that makes this wish a reality, I just want to be able to use a new sampler instrument. There are some samplers on the market that have some of the features I am looking for in a sampler but none of them have all the features I need in one plugin. 

We as electronic musicians have so many tools at our disposal for sampling, a lot of the built in samplers that come with DAW's are great but with lets look at Logic pro for example. Its sampler is so old it lacks a lot of the modern modulation and effects features that are available on modern plugins. 

Ableton Sampler and Drum Rack are great but not being able to save your sampler banks in a monolithic file I find Frustrating along with the lack of filtering options. Bitwig (a recent addition to my arsenal of DAW software) also has a drum rack and sampler but again there is no way to as far as I am aware to package up a sampler bank in a standardised format. 


I love the Vital model.

Matt Titel has created an incredible synth called Vital that I am finding to be the most powerful synth on the market today, it is free to download and Open Source. As much as I love Vital I really wish the sampler that is built in had more options. 

Features I would love to see in a new sampler plugin: 

• Open Source Free Software

• Cryptographic export of banks with keys for exporting sample banks for sale.

• The ability to save/export sampler banks in a monolithic format based on .json like Vital.

• Modulation options like Vital with drag and drop modulation routings.

• Set the sample rate of the sample not just the output of the sampler its self to emulate old samplers like the Roland w30 (the classic prodigy sampler).

• Multiple filtering options like Serum and Vital (Z-Plane EMU style filters)

• Full FX section with the ability to drag and drop re order the FX and also more than one of the FX.

• Ping pong forward and reverse looping (this does exist in many software samplers but I would like it as a feature in this sampler I am outlining).

• Akai style time stretch.

• a good sample sample editor built in. (trimming start/end points, fades, gain, reverse).

• Legato on monophonic patches.

• Sample layering per note.

• Small size to the actual sampler plugin (no bloat or copy protection)

• I want it to feel like home.

My skills in C++ are in no way good enough to even start this project and I am mostly concerned with keeping the lights on in the studio but I am constantly thinking about wanting a decent sampler to work on. 


If you are interested in seeing some of my python experiments I have started sharing them on my Github

You may need some experience with python to get these things working. 

• Productivity Timer - A simple GUI countdown timer for staying on track when making presets for

Productivity timer screen shot.png

• Preset Project Timer - Another productivity timer with the ability to track the number pf presets I have made for any given pack with pack name and state saving using .json files.

Project Timer Screenshot.png

• Say All - A python Text To Speech Script that takes a word or a phrase and outputs .aiff files for that word or phrase in every voice available on the mac say command (Mac Only)

Say All Screenshot.png
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