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TC “Unleash The Wolves” Album Out Now!!

After a very long wait, my next album is here! “Unleash The Wolves” is literally my heart and soul wrapped up in 11 tunes.

I have so much love for Drum and Bass and my joy is playing awesome shows every weekend to lovely dnb people who are truly into the music.

It has been 9 years since I have released a record like this and I promise you I have put everything I have into the making of it. I’m really looking forward to bringing new music too, After “Unleash The Wolves” I will be dropping 2 EP’s one at the end of the year on a jump up tip for the ravers and one at the beginning of next year which will be mostly half time and then it will be album 3 and I have many surprises in store! My lab is busting with hanus bass and lashing drums just waiting to be made into bangers, Music keeps evolving and moving and I love every second of it. There is so much incredible mew music out there and I also promise to start bringing through new artists on my label Don’t Play as well as bringing you podcasts as and when I can fit them in. If you wanna support me as an artist get your Mum, Dad, Gran, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Work colleagues to go get it too. I wanna bring the realness to as many ears as I can. Bigup to you all!! and long live Drum and Bass! #unleashthewolves is the hashtag to call to arms!!


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